The Safety Furst™ mission is to promote a pet-friendly, urban community of caring, responsible, safety-conscious pet guardians through dynamic, hands-on classes for humans of all ages and abilities!

Safety Furst™ is a Division of Loyalty Pet Care®.  Loyalty® is a professional in home pet care business located in Arlington County, Virginia.  We teach PetTech® Pet CPR, First Aid & Care programs, in addition to Loyalty Pet Care® developed training in topics related to the management for urban pet safety for dogs and cats.  Safety Furst™ consists of Terry Haas, CPTI and her dog Grace (sometimes referred to as “The Grace Dog”) and the many individuals and professionals who choose us for their safety trainings – our Safety Furst Responders™!

All Safety Furst™ programs are hand selected or created by Terry with the help of peer review from her team of professional cat sitters and dog walkers, other pet professionals in the rescue, shelter, animal control, county staffers, behavior, training and veterinary community and of course, from her dog Grace.  Terry is a native to Northern Virginia and has resided in Arlington County since 1998.  Loyalty® was born in 2007 and she took great care to develop its services and protocols while methodically keeping pet safety and comfort at the forefront of her model.  As her experience as a professional pet sitter and dog walker grew, Terry’s reputation in the pet sitting community solidified, and in 2010 came employees.  With employees, arose the need for substantial safety controls, which is where PetTech® saved the day!

In the days ahead, Safety Furst™ plans to offer the Arlington community even more classes and tools which will enable our increasingly urban environment the breathing room it needs to keep our pets safe and happy at home.

Terry Haas, Certified Pet Tech Instructor (CPTI)

Grace Dog, Certified Pet Tech Demo Dog (CPTDog)

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